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The aim of our experiment is to find out if mouthwash is really effective in killing bacteria in our mouth. We are going to test if there are more bacteria growth in the agar plate after we have done a swab of our cheek lining, before and after  the use of mouthwash.

Our hypothesis is that the swab with mouthwash used would have less bacterial growth compared to the swab we did without mouthwash. We would think this is an appropriate hypothesis as the mouthwash typically contains substances which will slow down the growth of bacteria, as compared with plain water.

Our approach is to do a swab of our mouth without mouthwash. We then gargled our mouth with the mouthwash and swabbed again. We next labelled and placed the agar plates into the incubator. We then checked the amount of visible bacteria on the plate after 5 days.

There was a large difference between the amount of bacteria on the agar plate without mouthwash and the one with mouthwash. Hence, we can conclude that the mouthwash really is effective in reducing the amount of bacteria  in our mouths.

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